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The Swiss Statistical Society (SSS) propagates application and development of statistics in Switzerland, represents the interest of professionals working in this field in relation to practice, research and education and contributes to the recognition of statistics as a scientific discipline in its own right.

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SCNAT funded project for 2024

Start and testing of a platform to "Train the next generation of (statistical) reviewers and experts"

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In 2024, the SSS will start working on a project with the ultimate goal to increase the representation of early career researchers (ECRs) in all types of review and expert boards in Switzerland. As a first step in building a Swiss-wide platform for and with ECRs interested in peer review, we will start by focusing on the statistical review of scientific publications on quantitative empirical research (including various empirical science fields such as psychology, medicine, educational sciences, and biology). Hence, the primary short-term objective of the project is to support ECRs in becoming proficient reviewers with a focus on statistics.

The kick-off is planned for February 2024. The project will be co-lead by Corinna Martarelli and Rachel Heyard. Stay tuned for updates.



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