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The Swiss Statistical Society (SSS) propagates application and development of statistics in Switzerland, represents the interest of professionals working in this field in relation to practice, research and education and contributes to the recognition of statistics as a scientific discipline in its own right.

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Swiss Statistics Meeting

The Swiss Statistics Meeting 2024 will take place from September 4 to 5, 2024, in Aarau.

About the Swiss Statistics Meeting

The Swiss Statistics Meeting is the most important annual event for statisticians in Switzerland. The meeting serves as a forum for exchange and networking and provides an opportunity to discuss developments emerging from research, methodological questions, and current issues in practice. Aimed at specialists in the fields of education and research, the private sector, and the public sector, the meeting is also open to everyone. It takes place every year and generally spans two or three days.

Organising Committee

  • Marc Gindraux, Swiss Federal Statistical Office, president of the organising committee
  • Andrea Plüss, Leiterin Statistik Aargau
  • Christoph Iseli, Statistik Aargau
  • Livio Lugano, Vice-director Swiss Federal Statistical Office
  • Giorgio Maric, President SSS-O, Servizio di statistica della Città Lugano
  • Lukas Mohler, Corstat representative, Leiter Statistisches Amt Basel-Stadt
  • Max Ratzenberger, Office Cantonal de la Statistique (OCSTAT), Genève

Secretariat of the Swiss Statistcs Meeting

  • Contact: sst(at)
  • Operated by IMSD Sàrl, data science consulting, info(at), +41 79 665 12 61


Marc Gindraux
Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO)
Espace de l'Europe 10
2010 Neuchâtel

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