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The Swiss Statistical Society (SSS) propagates application and development of statistics in Switzerland, represents the interest of professionals working in this field in relation to practice, research and education and contributes to the recognition of statistics as a scientific discipline in its own right.

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The Swiss Statistical Society has three dedicated sections: "Business and Industry", "Education and Research", and "Official Statistics". Each section addresses specific aspects of statistics, promoting focused discussions and advancements. All members of the SSS can chose to be part of one or more sections.

Business and Industry

The “Business and Industry” Section of the SSS (SSS-BI) was founded in 2003 with the primary purpose of bringing together statisticians and statistics users active within the business and industry domains. Its core objectives center around advocating for the interests of statisticians employed in these sectors. Additionally, the section serves as a pivotal platform for coordinating and enhancing statistical training programs that are relevant within these domains. Furthermore, the section plays an important role in facilitating connections among statisticians engaged in business and industry, both nationally and internationally. Beyond this, it actively seeks partnerships with organizations that share similar objectives and concerns.

Elected members of the SSS-BI Committee: Dr. Dominik Pfluger (President, numerics data gmbh), Dr. Bernhard Brabec (Helsana AG), Dr. Khalid Ohmiti (Omega Statistical Consulting), Dr. Edy Zahnd (Forex and Economic Research), Dr. Fränzi Korner-Nievergelt
(oikostat), Monika Hebeisen (SQCM Foundation), Dr. Christian Ruiz (Federal Statistical Office)

Bylaws: Download them in German or French.

Education and Research

The “Education and Research” Section of the SSS (SSS-ER) was established in 2003 with the purpose of bringing together statisticians and users of statistics engaged in education and research. Its primary objective consists in organizing courses and conferences within the domains of mathematical and applied statistics.

Elected members of the SSS-ER Committee: Dr. Laurent Donzé (President, University of Fribourg), Dr Sylvain Sardy (University of Geneva), Dr Tobias Schoch (FHNW), Dr Jasmin Wandel (Berner Fachhochschule), Dr Ernst-Jan Camiel Wit (Università della Svizzera Italiana)

Bylaws: Download them in English.

Official Statistics

Established in 2003 the “Official Statistics” Section of the SSS (SSS-O) has been active is dedicated to representing the interests of statisticians and statistics users engaged in official statistics. This section interacts actively with universities, public and private research centers, as well as users of statistical information, by promoting professional training and programs. Moreover, the section actively supports and defends professional ethics. SSS-O also plays an instrumental role in recognizing statistics as an independent scientific discipline. It contributes significantly to recognizing official statistics as a public service and national task, as a crucial contributor to informed decision-making and societal progress.

Elected members of the SSS-O Committee: Dr. Giorgio Maric (President, Statistical Office Lugano), Caroline Robert (Secretary, Federal Statistical Office), Marc-Jean Martin (Statistique Vaud), Mauro Stanga (Ufficio di statistica), Andrea Schnell (Statistical Office Zurich), Livio Lugano (Federal Statistical Office), Matthias Templ (ZHAW)

Bylaws: Download them in German or French.