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Education Research

The Section "Education and Research" of the SSS (SSS-ER) was founded in 2003. It unifies statisticians active in education and reserach. The main goals include the organization of courses and conferences in mathematical and applied statistics, the assistance for the organization of the Swiss Statistical Days, as well as the coordination and support of education programs in mathematical and applied statistics.

Swiss Statistics Seminar November 2018

The Swiss Statistics Seminar has taken place on the 9th of November 2018 at the University of Bern and numerous posters as well as talks of Thordis Thorarinsdottir (Norvegian Computer Center, Oslo) and Richard Samworth (University of Cambrige) have been presented.


The talks and posters have been provided and can be found here:

talk of Thordis Thorarinsdottir (Norvegian Computer Center, Oslo)posters
talk of Richard Samworth (University of Cambrige)


- Patrick Bachmann, Estimating Individual Customer Lifetime Values with R: The CLVTools Package
- Domagoj Cevid, Deconfounding using spectral transformations 
- Jakob A. Dambon, Spatially varying coefficients models: a comparison of maximum likelihood estimators with other estimators
- Raphael de Fondeville, Risk estimation of extreme windstorms
- Marco F. Eigenmann, Structure learning of linear Gaussian structural equation models with weak edges
- Victor Garcia, Programmed ribosomal frameshifting and codon usage bias
- Leonard Henckel, Graphical criteria for efficient total effect estimation
- Alexander I. Jordan, Robust forecast evaluation
- Garyfallos Konstantinoudis, Towards continuous domain models in spatial epidemiology
- Solt Kovacs, Change point detection for high-dimensional linear regression and its applications for covariance matrices 
- Gilles Kratzer, Information-theoretic scoring rules to learn additive Bayesian network applied to epidemiology 
- Lutz Dümbgen, Alexandre Mösching, Christof Strähl, Active set algorithms for estimating shape-constrained density rations
- Anja Mühlemann, Pareto-optimal parameters in linear regression problems
- Claude Renaux, Hierarchical inference for genome-wide association studies
- Tomas Rubin, Censored functional time series: theory and application to fair-weather atmospheric electricity
- Edoardo Vignotto, Extreme value theory for open set classification GPD and GEV classifiers

Rules (by laws of the section)

As decided by the Constitutional Assembly, May 9, 2003 (PDF)

Past presidents

2011–2015: Beat Hulliger (FHNW School of Business)
2007–2011: Eva Cantoni (University of Geneva)
2005–2007: Werner Stahel (ETHZ)
2004–2005: Andreas Ruckstuhl (ZHAW)
2003–2004: Riccardo Gatto (University of Berne)

Past committee members

2007–2009: Yanyuan Ma (University of Neuchâtel)
2005–2015: Lutz Dümbgen (University of Berne)
2005–2013: Werner Stahel (ETHZ)
2005–2011: Eva Cantoni (University of Geneva)
2005–2007: Antony Davison (EPFL)
2004–2007: Jacques Zuber (HES-SO Yverdon)
2003–2009: Theo Gasser (University of Zurich)
2003–2004: Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser (University of Geneva)
2003–2004: Fabio Tojani (University of Southern Switzerland)


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Annual Report 2006 (PDF)
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General Assemblies

Invitation to the General Assembly 2021 (PDF) and its minutes (PDF)
Invitation to the General Assembly 2018 (PDF) and its minutes (PDF)
Invitation to the General Assembly 2015 (PDF) and its minutes (PDF)
Invitation to the General Assembly 2013 (PDF) and its minutes (PDF)
Minutes of the General Assembly 2011 (PDF)
Invitation to the General Assembly 2009 (PDF) and its minutes (PDF)
Invitation to the General Assembly 2007 (PDF) and its minutes (PDF)
Minutes of the General Assembly 2005 (PDF)

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