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La Società svizzera di statistica (SSS) promuove l’applicazione e lo sviluppo della statistica in Svizzera, rappresenta gli interessi delle persone attive in questo campo nella pratica, nella ricerca e nell’insegnamento e contribuisce al riconoscimento della statistica come disciplina scientifica autonoma.

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The Swiss Statistical Society plays a key role in uniting Swiss-based statistician through networking and organising events, such as our annual conference. Additionally, the SSS contributes to, or initiates, projects related at enhancing statistical literacy and increasing the visibility of statistics and statisticians in Switzerland.

Networking and collaboration

Our society acts as a bridge, connecting statistic users across various sectors including administration, business, research, and education (see sections). Furthermore, the society is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), the Swiss Academy of Social Sciences (SAGW), and the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW). Internationally, we are part of the following associations: European Courses in Advanced Statistics, the Federation of European National Statistical Societies, and the International Statistical Institute.

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The most important event organized by the society is the annual Swiss Statistical Meeting held in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and CORSTAT. More information can be found here.