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The Swiss Statistical Society published in October 2009 in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the Swiss Conference of regional statistical offices a job description for Statistician (PDF in German or PDF in French).

"Les Statisticiens Sont Sexy"

  • Description within the daily regional newspaper of the Canton of Valais "Le Nouvelliste" of January 31, 2012 (PDF in French)
  • Background information (Bulletin 71, in French, PDF)

Other brochures and websites

  • "Zoom et vidéos sur les métiers de la statistique" from the French Society of Statistics
    (SFdS; PDF and accompanying website)
  • "Mathématicien/ne" from the SDBB/CSFO (PDF in French)

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Vacancies for statisticians and related professions are published here.

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Calls for Papers/Contributions from scientific conferences and journals are published here as well as scientific competitions and awards.

List of Service Providers

Consulting firms and service providers for Statistics and Data Analytics are listed here.