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The Swiss Statistical Society (SSS) edits a bulletin three times a year (March, May or June, October or November). The bulletin informs about the activities and upcoming events in statistics in Switzerland.

Editors of the Bulletin

Bulletin #       Editor
1–11   Yves Grize
12–17   Ulrich Gugerli
18–20   Stephan Morgenthaler
21–30   Jean-Marie Helbling
31–36   Werner Stahel
37–58   Caterina Savi
59–61   Marcel Baumgartner
62-100   Thomas Holzer
from 101 on   Rodolphe Dewarrat

Issue 105, June 2023:

bulletin 100

Ad Placement

The bulletin is sent to approx. 500 members of the Swiss Statistical Society. Cost of ads: CHF 100.- for 1/4 page, CHF 200.- for 1/2 page, CHF 300.- for 1 page. Special placement (e.g. back cover) on demand.

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