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Courses on Statistics

  • The "Conférence Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale (CUSO)" and its "Programme doctoral en Statistique et Probabilité" offers several courses and events.
  • At the University of Berne, you find courses about statistics in medecine.
  • Further opportunities can be found on the websites of the departments of universities or those of companies and institutions offering statistical services (see "Consulting and services" under Service).
  • European Courses in Advanced Statistics (ECAS)

You find all about Swiss university continuing education at Swissuni.

Courses in Advanced Studies

Some universities offer courses for a Certificate, a Diploma, or a Master of Advanced Studies in statistics. They are designed for bachelors or masters of science who analyze their data by statistical methods. It is usually possible to attend parts of these courses.

Carreers in Statistics in Switzerland

The title of a statistician is not legally protected in Switzerland. Here are the opportunities for master degrees:

Academic Statistical Institutes in Switzerland

Direction Mathematical and Applied Statistics:

Direction Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics (Biometrics):

Direction applied mathematical statistics (Econometrics):

Looking for a job?

Vacancies for statisticians and related professions are published here.

Calls for Papers

Calls for Papers/Contributions from scientific conferences and journals are published here as well as scientific competitions and awards.

List of Service Providers

Consulting firms and service providers for Statistics and Data Analytics are listed here.