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Official statistics

The Section Official Statistics:

  • represents the interests of statisticians engaged in official statistics
  • interacts with universities, public and private research centers as well as users of statistical information
  • facilitates contacts among statisticians on a national and international level
  • promotes professional trainings and programs
  • supports and defends the professional ethics
  • encourages the use and development of statistical information
  • supports the activities of statistical offices with regard to satisfying the informational needs of users
  • contributes to the recognition of statistics as an independent discipline in the sciences and to the acknowledgment of official statistics as a public service and national task

Rules of the Official Statistics Section

The rules are available in German (PDF) or in French (PDF).

Annual reports

The annual reports are available as PDF documents:

2020 (in German)
2018/19 (in German)
2017/18 (in German)
2016/17 (in German)
2015/16 (in German)
2014/15 (in French)
2013/14 (in French)
2012/13 (in French)
2011/12 (in French)
2010/11 (in French)
2009/10 (in French)
2007/08 (in French)
2006/07 (in French)
2005/06 (in French)
2004/05 (in French)
2003/04 (in German)
2002/03 (in German)
2001/02 (in German)


At current, if you are a SSS member the membership is free of charge. If you are a SSS member and if you want to join the Section Official Statistics, please send mail or email to the President.

Looking for a job?

Vacancies for statisticians and related professions are published here.

Calls for Papers

Calls for Papers/Contributions from scientific conferences and journals are published here as well as scientific competitions and awards.

List of Service Providers

Consulting firms and service providers for Statistics and Data Analytics are listed here.